When the world saw the destruction in Minneapolis, I was inspired by the passion and determination of community. The compassion seen in neighbors picking up brooms and organizing to clean up our neighborhoods reverberates the strong call for restoration (or healing) and progress. This message will continue to bind us together as we press forward and what I will take along with me to the capitol to represent as your Senator. While in this role my decisions will not be solely determined by reams of data and strategy reports; lived experience will be the lens I use to shape policies that impact our lives.  I will not need to study how people are affected by COVID-19; having worked as an essential employee during the pandemic, I have lived it. I’m not unsure of the proper response to police reform, I feel it.  As a fellow resident I will bear your experience with mine to introduce and champion polices on OUR behalf with an open door and a willing ear.

Our communities are hurting physically, economically, and emotionally. Healing our system, progressing our state, and tapping into the boundless energy of our communities will be my highest priority. For as history has taught us when Minnesotans join together, we are unstoppable. We know that the fabric of Minnesota is much stronger when we stand in unity; I am prepared and willing to roll up my sleeves and do the work necessary to move towards a better future.

Re-Imagining public order. 


In the attempt for healing to begin we must have an understanding of where harm was done.  There has to be acknowledgment of truth, offenses reconciled, and all parities come to forgiveness.


From its conception through reconstruction all to modern day; policing has a history of being built into the fabric and culture of white supremacy and racism. The mandate or responsibility of the police were to chase down and return runaway slaves, organize terror upon slaves and expedite swift and vigilante justice.  From the late 1800’s until now history has repeated it’s self over and over again; expecting different results.


In 2020 let’s imagine doing something different.  Let’s take a look at how to best serve our communities. Through: 

  1. Mental Health Advocacy

  2. Provide implicit bias training for all service workers

  3. Require police officers to Self-insure


Always looking through the lens of healing, progression and equity I will be a strong advocate for police reform/re-imagination.  

police and criminal
justice reform

As a native Minnesotan, I am aware of hunting being a hobby or sport of choice for many. Yet, I also have seen the devastation of violence caused by guns that fall into the wrong hands.


We need to take a firm, but fair stand on gun control in Minnesota. I support closing the "gun show loophole" by requiring background checks on all private sales of guns be it online or in-person. This will increase the accountability of both buyer and seller. I support ending the sale of semi-automatic weapons, as these are the tools primarily used in mass shootings and are not needed for the hobby gun collector or hunter. Lastly, I support the "Red Flag” bill that passed the House last year allowing intervention by family or law enforcement to temporarily confiscate a firearm if perceived that a loved one could cause harm to self or others.


I am eager and willing to work across the aisle to ensure bipartisan legislation is passed that upholds the Second amendment in the United States constitution- The right to bear arms.

Gun Violence

As a native Minnesotan that has advance degrees; I believe education is the cornerstone to unlock a child’s highest potential.   Currently, in Minnesota we have the most exceptional high school graduation rates in the nation.  However, much to Minnesota’s dismay our POC/I children lead the nation in achievement gaps in reading, writing and math. 


District 44 happens to be the gateway to the suburbs; we have the responsibility to be a leader and example by demonstrating how to lessen these disparities by:

  1. Increasing educator compensation; so, that we can recruit and retain the best and the brightest.

  2. Create more literacy programs with a mental and emotional health emphasis.

  3. Strengthen special education and after school programs; that will specifically target closing the achievement gap.


During Covid-19 we have identified promising and effective ways to educate our children.  In the event the pandemic persist we will fortify our distant learning modules. 


By doing this we will decrease our achievement gap and become the leader in reducing education disparities.   


According to the 2019 State of the State Housing report; “Minnesota’s lack of affordable homes impacts everyone, everywhere across our state”.


Minnesota Senate District 44 has roughly 4,000 residents or 5% of the population living below the poverty level.  Children under the age of 18 make up one-third of those 4,000 district residents. 


We all do better; when we all do better. Senate District 44 has the unique opportunity to create “pathways” to home ownership; to include our neighbors that may need assistance during these unprecedented times.  Being mindful that our neighbors, friends and colleagues have different life experiences and cultures that enhance our living in Senate District 44.  


We must seize the moment and demonstrate “We’re in this TOGETHER”- Uncontroverted!

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